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What is the project about?

The general goal of the ``Energy labelling and ecodesign of products`` project is the advancement of the implementation phase of the regulations at the market on energy efficiency of products from the area of energy (implementation of the regulations and the rulebook of the Republic of Serbia, which are transferred from the European Directive 2010/30/EU and 2009/125/EK).

Project goals

The advancement should include the strengthening of the capacities of the manufacturers, suppliers, merchants, market inspections and the bodies for the evaluation of the compliance, in order to comply with new regulations and fulfil the adequate demands, which will be followed by an overview of the market situation and a campaign for raising awareness dedicated to all the relevant interested parties. 

The project should provide an overview of the situation at the market, to which degree the regulative is respected, which conditions are needed for the improvement of the situation, the establishment and the strengthening of the capacities of the bodies for the evaluation of the compliance level in order to enable better control of products, through practical evaluations within the project frame, a better flow of information towards the manufacturers, suppliers, merchants and consumers, raising awareness on the importance of energy efficiency and a better connectivity of the market in Serbia with the market in the EU.
  • Environment
  • Energy
EuropeAid reference
  • The overall objective is to contribute to the establishment of legislative and institutional capacities in line with the EU regulation,
  • To assist Serbian Ministry of Mining and Energy to improve the implementation of technical regulations that refers to energy efficiency of energy related products on the market,
  • Strengthening of market inspection, improvement of conformity assessment, awareness rising on energy efficiency benefits, increase visibility of labelling and marking the energy related products,
  • Strengthening of capacity of National institutions for implementation of EU requirements, regarding energy labelling and eco design of energy related products and EU Acquis implemented,
  • Energy efficiency of household products improved
City / District
Republic of Serbia
EU Contribution
1,499,950 €
Implementation period
September 2019 - April 2022
Ministry of Mining and Energy
Implemented by
Implemented by a consortium led by GFA Consulting Group GmbH, Hamburg-Germany