Public Call for Conformity Assessment Bodies - CABs to participate in the implementation of the project EU4 Energy Labelling and Ecodesign

January 31, 2020

Public call for Conformity Assessment Bodies for participation in the EU4Energy Labelling and Eco-design projectEU4Energy Labelling and Eco-design Project 

“Establishing and strengthening of capacities of the conformity assessment bodies for the implementation of Energy Labelling and Eco-design Directives” project together with Ministry of Mining and Energy of Republic of Serbia announces a public call for Conformity Assessment Bodies for participation in the implementation of the project.

1. Purpose of the Call

The purpose of the Public Call is to invite all conformity assessment bodies from the territory of the Republic of Serbia who consider that they fulfil the eligibility criteria (listed below) to apply for participation in the project implementation. After completion of the selection process with the selected bodies, the project will conclude agreements after which they will trained on the eco-design and energy labelling directive and will be provided technical assistance to build the laboratory capacities (this assistance will be provided by international and local experts). In addition, CABs will be included in the testing phase of the selected product category for market surveillance purposes.

2. Which Conformity Assessment Bodies can apply?

All conformity assessment bodies that are registered with the Serbian Business Registers Agency as legal entities or are part of a registered legal entity, and currently operating conformity assessment business in the Republic of Serbia and which are not temporarily suspended operation or are not insolvent or in bankrupt which is close defined in point 2.3.3. "Exclusion criteria" provided by DEVCO PRAG to financial and contractual procedures (Version 2016.0 - 15 January 2016) that consider meeting criteria for selection.

3. Criteria for Conformity Assessment Bodies selection

Criteria for selecting Conformity Assessment Bodies (laboratories) for carrying out verification tests of the selected product categories will be based on CAB’s:

a)     Knowledge and Experience in ErP testing

    Knowledge about and Experience in conformity assessment of Energy related Products (ErPs) and/or testing and certification of their components or similar activities

b)     Technical Capabilities:

    CAB Accreditation status

    CAB Staff capabilities

    CAB testing equipment of ErP (owned/needed to test ErP – possibility to rent equipment or owe it without ownership)

c)      Quality Management Systems Maturity:

    Defined organization scheme with authority and responsibilities

    Defined process of ErP testing

    Formally established and documented Quality management system – QMS (Quality manual)

d)     Plans to get accredited for testing of ErPs to eco-design and energy labelling directive requirements

Only those CABs agreeing to make additional investment (in both equipment and testing staff) for accreditation are eligible for Technical Assistance under EU4Energy Labelling and Eco-design Project.

4. Minimal criteria for selecting CABs are:

    CABs Interests and plans regarding the accreditation method of testing, that are not planning to get accreditation for the methods of ErP testing will not be included in the selection process

    The minimum number of points that a CAB can have to be eligible is 43 points.

5. Documentation for Submitting

CABs have to download the Form (MS Word for Windows file „Conformity Assessment Bodies Submission Application“) which is available on web page or and fill it with the required information. Each answer has to be substantiated with appropriate supporting evidence which have to be added to filled form as attachments.

6. Way and Deadline for Submitting

Fulfilled Forms with all attachments have to be send electronically on the E-mail: not late than: [23:59 on 31.01.2020.]. if in case of technical difficulties, the application is not delivered by this time, CAB needs to provide a proof that electronic message (e-mail) with the application is sent before the time required. Any applications submitted after this deadline will not be accepted.

Disclaimer: this Call is published with the financial assistance of the EU. Its content is the sole responsibility of the consortium led by GFA Consulting Group GmbH and not in any way it reflects the official views of the EU.